Solid Sterling Silver & Genuine Amber Bangle

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This is a fossilized resin. It provides an energy to kindle the realization and subsequent response of choice, helping one to choose and to be chosen. It has been used as a symbol for renewal of marriage vows and to assure promises. It has been said to bring good luck to warriors. It cleanses the environment in which it rests and is an excellent mineral for use in purifying birthing and re-birthing rooms. It also acts to purify ones body, mind, and spirit when worn, carried, or used as an elixir. It has been used in the treatment of goiter and other diseases of the throat. It has been successful in the treatment of disorders of the kidneys and bladder.
A Elegant Silver Bangle With A Stunning Amber Gemstone,
This Piece Is Very Unique.
Weight Is 8.9 Grams.