10k White Gold Round Cut Garnet January Birthstone & Fire Opal Flower Ring

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10k White Gold Garnet & Fire Opal Ring Set With;

Six round cut faceted garnet stones measuring approx. 2.4mm and one fire opal measuring 2.1mm. 

January & October Birthstone
Total Ring Weight approx. 2.1g
Size 5 1/2.
Stamped 10k (as seen in photos).

GARNET - Stone of Health
Garnet helps one to remember dreams and helps one toward success. It is also a stone of majesty allowing for rightness in will and providing support in action. It can produce flashes of insight to assist in guiding one to right and honorable endeavors.
It can be used to bring order to chaos.
Used for treating disorders of the spine, bone, heart, lungs and blood.

OPAL - Stone Of Healing
Yellow Opal aids in the healing of eye disease,If a person is ill,it is believed to lose all color to the wearer.It is said to soothe the eyes and nerves and might enhance creativity.
The Romans considered the yellow Opal good fortune, the Russians however consider it bad luck. SIR WALTER SCOTT in the 19th century gave the opal an unlucky reputation in a popular novel, thus the reputation still lingers today)


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